In case you want to be a part of us Check out our Aims and Objective included.

ICOM is incredible, Responsible, Accountable, beautiful and fully equip church managers .

This profession was established to strengthen the office management best practice within the church environs providing business–oriented platform. Church Office Management continues to gain support and recognition at all levels of the church structure as a unified body of professional managers.

Our Mission

To elevate the church office profession to a status of recognition within the church environs.

Our Vision

Equipping the pastoral staff with adequate knowledge of international best practices towards achieving professional status of this organization.

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Applications are open for prospective student to write the qualifying examinations of the institute of church office management (ICOM), the universally body for church officers, church secretary and church administrator.

The qualifying examination are in 3 modules: foundation level, intermediate level, and final level. The foundation level is for external candidate with 5 credits passed in GCE/NECO/WAEC/NABTEB.


Applications are hereby invited from interested citizens of this world, for admission into membership of Institute of Church Office Management.

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It has been observed that every profession has its code of conducts stipulated toguide the behaviours of its members. The ICOM is not an exception knowing the nobility and esteemed nature of the profession, it also has Ethics which stipulates acceptable standard for its members. The expected mode of conduct of its members are: